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Let Your Body Speak - the book about your organs - by Ewald Kliegel & Anne Heng - Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland
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Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland

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reflex-balance - Let Your Body Speak - Ewald KliegelThe Essential Nature of Our Organs - Basics
Let Your Body Speak
the wisdom of the body

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The Essential Nature of Our Organs                 

Organs are complex structures of tissues and cells that perform specific functions in the body. So far, the definition sounds clear. but our bodies can not be as easily classified. Are the hands accordingly organs? Or - is the immune system a separate organ, but it really does consist of a variety of individual functional units?

Let's go one step further: for a surgeon the organs are in the truest sense of the word "tangible" in psychosomatic organs are described in their mental influences, for the Traditional Chinese Medicine they are functional circuits, the ancient Egyptians saw them as personified gods, according to the latest findings in biophysics the quality of internal communication is responsible for what comprises an organ and in a spiritual point of view, we are dealing with beings that allow us in their physical manifestations a life on this planet.

Depending on how we look at our organs our concept of healing will be made of accordingly. An organ is dependent on the information streams, in which it is embedded. One of our major basic building blocks of our health lies in the fact that these currents can flow unimpeded. But healing goes beyond that. Here at the latest we come in contact with the spiritual essence of our organs, with phenomenons we can not seize in a mechanistic way of thinking.

How we can approach our organs? The access, which is most commonly used is the one via diseases or deficits. This is also the major route of medicine and its disciplines of anatomy, physiology and pathology. It is a way that allows us, to a certain degree, an insight into the organs. However, we must take apart the organs mentally (and often also physically) and divide. This way unity is inevitably lost. A step further, we are in psychosomatic medicine, but even here we get caught eventually in the deficits. The path that brings us, after medical diagnosis and psychosomatic questioning, closer to the mystery of our body is the contemplative viewing our organs, regarding their services and support for our life. Here we encounter the wonderful beings that are waiting behind the bodily organs. Eventually they take care for our well-being, health and healing and they are waiting for our attention.

Organs - what means Healing ?
What means Healing ?

Organs - Currants of Energy and
Currants of Energy and Information

Organs - Elemental Beings
Elemental Beings